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Can Your Boss Really Do That? Is It Even Legal? With Diana Winther and Daniel Hutzenbiler

May 30, 2021


Far too many people feel mistreated at work, but when is that mistreatment because of a "bad boss," and when is it actually a violation of the law?

Shannon and Harold talk to two Labor attorneys to find out where that line is drawn, and what recourse working people have under the law.

First they talk with Diana Winther ( General Counsel for this episode's sponsor, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 48, about the difference between Labor law and employment law - and when it might be time to contact an attorney if you think your employer is violating the law.

Then they talk with Daniel Hutzenbiler ( a union attorney at McKanna Bishop Joffe about the federal laws that protect Americans in their workplaces - and the changes passage of the #PROAct will bring.

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